Learn French in France

Choosing your school

1 - Welcoming and reception 2 - The pedagogical program 3 - The school premises 4 - Accommodation 5 - Cultural activities program 6 - Prices and registration terms Why choosing a school accredited by the FLE Agency ?

The good questions to ask

  • To make your stay takes place in the best conditions, we recommend you to give your preference to a school that will deliver clear and detailed information about its programs.
  • We invite you to consider carefully the following points before choosing your school.Voici, sous forme de questions, les éléments d’information que nous vous invitons à considérer attentivement avant de choisir votre école.

1 - Welcoming and reception

  • Are the school office opening days and hours specified ?
  • Are the students greeted at the station or the airport on the arrival day ?

2 - The pedagogical program

  • Does it clearly state the course aims, content and media used?
  • Or the number of apprenticeship levels?
  • Are these levels based on an assessment framework, namely the common European framework of reference?
  • Is there a class specifically for total beginners?
  • Does the course offer the chance to prepare for and sit certificate examinations (DELF French language studies certificate, DALF Advanced French language certificate, CCIP Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry certificate, etc.) ?
  • Does it mention an ‘average’ or ‘maximum’ (not the same thing) number of trainees per group?
  • Does it clearly state the length of the lessons: 45, 60 or 90 minutes?
  • Are breaks (those that are not ‘one-to-one training sessions’) included in the hourly total?
  • Does the course mention the start and end dates of classes?
  • Are classes on national holidays, maintained, deferred or lost?

3 - The school premises

  • Is the school located in the heart of the city or on the outskirts, on a university campus ?
  • Do the students have access to a study space, documentation or pedagogical resource centre, and free WiFi Internet access ?

4 - Accommodation

  • Is this service managed directly by the centre, or consigned to an external provider ? In case of any dispute, recourse will differ.
  • Are the host’s accommodation terms clearly stated: number of nights, first and last meal.
  • Are others students, from the same or others countries, accommodated at the same time by the same host family?

5 - Cultural activities program

  • Does the school organize its own cultural activities program or does it only give information about what the students can find on site ?
  • Are the cultural activities mentioned in the offer of the school, free or to pay in extra ?

6 - Prices and registration terms

  • Are registration fees, teaching tools, reception on arrival, transfers all included in the price?
  • Are the registration and cancellation terms clearly stated?
  • Is individual accident insurance available?
  • Is the centre officially approved, where applicable, for the reception of minors (under 18s)?

Why choosing a school accredited by the FLE Agency ?

  • If you want your stay and trainig program take place in the best conditions, we recommend you to give your preference to a school that will deliver clear and detailed information on its programs and services.
  • It is the commitment that the schools partners of the FLE Agency offer you as a guarantee.
  • Do not hesitate to seek our advice and help for a personalized assistance before, during and after your stay in one of these schools.