Learn French in France

Destination France Guide

Prepare your stay and discover France

Coming to France

To enter the French territory it is necessary to have a visa, except for citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area and Swiss. The type of visa depends on both the duration and patterns of the intended stay. The "Schengen visa" or short visas, apply for stay of less than 90 days. The visa "long stay" for any more than 90 days stay. Check with the French consulate nearest your home, in your country. Note: Your passport must have a validity period sufficient to cover the entire duration of your stay in France.

Study or work

There are 83 public universities in France spread throughout the country. In addition at these universities there are schools management, engineering schools, schools of art and architecture, the "Grandes Ecoles" and 5 Catholic institutes. Admission and registration procedures depend on the applicant’s nationality, country of residence and the nature of the proposed studies. Other opportunities exist to train or work in France : Au Pair - find a job or get an internship.

Living in France

Whether for a short or longer stay, living in France is discovering the daily lifestyle of the French people and attempt to understand the social rules and habits. It is experiencing the practical realities of every day transport, shops, public services, administrations. It is also being able to follow through the media, political and social life, always busy , not to mention recreation, sports, cultural life and the so called French "art de vivre".

Discovering France

From North to South, from the Ocean to the Mediterranean, from Provence to Brittany, Bordeaux to Alsace, France is a mosaic of landscapes, traditions and lifestyles. Number one of the tourist destinations in the world, France has a tourism and cultural heritage of leading, with 35 sites inscribed on the "World Heritage" by UNESCO. According to the city or area where you stay, you will not live the same experiences, but whatever the length of your stay, take advantage of every opportunity to discover the country, meet the French people and enjoy every moment of your stay in France.