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Publié le 5 mai 2023

Erasmus+ Traineeship Opportunity

Ref : 15284
Lieu :
Ljubljana - Slovénie
Date de début du contrat :
2 octobre 2023
Date limite de candidature :
15 juin 2023
Offre émise par :
Zavod sv. Stanislava / St. Stanislav's Institution
Description du stage :

Do you want to gain experience of teaching different age groups ? We have a unique opportunity for you. The St Stanislav’s Institute is offering a place for young teachers, educators and other pedagogical staff to carry out Erasmus+ Traineeship. The traineeship can be completed in all of our units – from Kindergarten, Primary School and Gymnasium to Residence Hall and Student Home, which are all located in the same site.

What do we offer ?
  Budget friendly on-site accommodation
  Free food, including breakfasts, lunches & dinners
  Mentorship from experienced professors
  Possibility of additional training and competence building
  Working with children and students of different age groups in the same establishment

Présentation de l'organisme :

St. Stanislav’s Institution is a cultural and educational establishment, which consists of six schools : Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, Jeglič Student Home, Alojzij Šuštar Primary School, Good Shepherd Kindergarten, Matija Tomc Music School, and J. F. Gnidovec Residence Hall. St Stanislav’s Institution employs just over 240 people, working in six teaching units and shared services that look after all the units, from the kindergarten to the dormitory. Together, they are responsible for more than 1,500 children and young people. Each of the units does its best to take the best possible care of them.

The institution as a whole is managed by a college of directors, which consists of the director and the assistant director (economist), the heads of each unit and the chaplains of the institution. In addition to the teaching staff, there are also a number of non-teaching staff who make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, that the institution is tidy and safe, and that all its visitors are fed and happy. The common services are secretarial, accounting, kitchen, maintenance, cleaning and reception. The mission of St. Stanislav’s Institution is to foster the integral personal growth of each individual in the community, guided by faith, hope and love and in dialogue with the world, with the goal of living fully for the betterment of the world. St. Stanislav’s Institution is a place for comprehensive personal growth from kindergarten to the end of secondary education. In addition to obligatory subjects that are part of the state’s school curriculum, special emphasis is placed on community formation, solid relationships, outdoor learning, practical work, as well as ethical and spiritual topics that originate from Christianity. Pastoral care at St. Stanislav’s Institution is meant to guide students’ personal growth, to introduce them to independent living and to create favourable conditions for a mature and independent decision for faith. Furthermore, students perform charitable work by helping in different volunteer organisations and participating in mission and summer work camps.

Other pillar of education in our institution is classical education. Discovering classical culture and learning Latin and classical Greek means not only learning both languages, but also discovering the ancient civilization. Nevertheless, since the foundation of St. Stanislav’s Institution, music and musical activities also have had a special place in the educational process. We therefore place much emphasis on providing quality musical activities that involve as many students as possible. These activities range from singing in choirs, performing in string orchestra, singing in class, to performing in smaller, student-initiated vocal and instrumental ensembles.

Apart from music education, we also firmly believe, that sport is a key element in an integral development of the students, hence a vast range of sports is available to students take place. Adding to all that, there are other activities and bodies which importantly underpin and support the educational work in St. Stanislav’s Institution. These are the music making in choirs ; research work of the Institute for Education Research and Development (InERD), exhibitions in the Stane Kregar Gallery.

Compétences requises :

What do we expect ?
  Teaching skills and competences
  Independence and initiative 
  Communicativeness and responsiveness ; 
  High level of interpersonal skills
  Ability to work as part of a team
Good organisation and efficiency in work are desirable.

Preference will be given to candidates who are native speakers of the following languages : French, Spanish or German.

Diplôme requis :
Type de stage :
Stage auto-financé, bénévolat
Volume horaire par semaine :
25-40 hours/week
Durée :
4-6 months
Encadrement pédagogique :
Convention :
Date de début du contrat :
2 octobre 2023
Rémunération :
Date limite de candidature :
15 juin 2023
Démarche à suivre pour présenter sa candidature :

Please send your CV and a motivation letter by 15 June 2023 by email with the subject "Erasmus+ Traineeship"

Courriel de contact :
Visiter le site de l'annonceur

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