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Publié le 27 janvier 2024

French or English as a second language teacher

Ref : 16598
Lieu :
On site / in-person (Victoria BC) - En ligne
Date de début du contrat :
9 avril 2024
Date limite de candidature :
25 mars 2024
Offre émise par :
True Training Academy
Descriptif du poste :

We are seeking a passionate and experienced French or English as a second language teacher to facilitate online individual and group training sessions to adults. We invite you to join our new online academy as one of the top Canadian teachers who will be training second languages to adults within the Federal Government of Canada. You will be pivotal to the success of our academy and country.

**Our business operates in Eastern Standard Time (EST) hours, so you are preferably located in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or PEI.

You must be a True LEAF*
 Emotionally Intelligent

Responsibilities :

A. Delivering Language Instruction : Conducting online classes in either French or English, tailored to the proficiency levels of government employees.

B. Curriculum Development : Developing or adapting curriculum materials to align with the Programme de français langue seconde (PFL2) and Communicative English at Work Program (CEWP), and the standards set by the Canada School of Public Service.

C. Assessment and Evaluation : Regularly assessing student progress through exercises, assignments, and formal evaluations, and providing constructive feedback.

D. Classroom Management : Effectively managing the virtual classroom environment to ensure a productive and respectful learning atmosphere.

E. Progress Reporting : Preparing and submitting reports on student attendance, participation, and progress.

F. Professional Development : Continuously updating teaching skills and knowledge, especially in areas related to bilingual education and online teaching methodologies.

G. Liaison with Academic Management : Collaborating with the pedagogical advisor, program administrator, and management to ensure alignment of educational objectives and teaching schedules.

Skills :

A. Language Proficiency : Fluency in either French or English, with a strong command of language structures, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

B. Instructional Skills : Strong ability to teach language concepts clearly and effectively, adapting to various learning styles and proficiency levels.

C. Technical Skills : Proficiency in using online teaching platforms, preferably Microsoft Teams, and various digital teaching tools.

D. Interpersonal Skills : Ability to build rapport with adult learners, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

E. Innovative Teaching Methods : Employing creative and innovative teaching methods to make language learning more engaging and effective for adult learners.

F. Organizational Skills : Capability to manage class schedules, prepare lesson plans, and maintain accurate records.

Preferred Qualifications :
 Minimum of 4 years teaching experience.
 Experience teaching adults.
 Preferably, experience teaching federal employees.
 Bilingual in French and English.
 Familiar with Canada School of Public Service PFL2 curriculum & language levels A, B, C.

Work Location : Virtual / Remote

Présentation de l'organisme :

True Training Academy, a trailblazer in bilingual education, providing Canadian federal government employees with language training in French and English. Reflecting the distinguished nature of an academy, our approach is both innovative and interactive, centered around the learner’s experience and adapted to today’s digital demands.

We have a high standard of excellence, ensuring our nation and public servants are supported by the best of the best, those who strive to thrive. You must meet our standard. Every individual on our team is a student of life, craving to learn and experience more than the day before. Learning from our experiences, we are fortifying what works and dissolving what did not work. There will be many challenges along the way and we will endure to solve them.

Compétences requises :

 Bilingual in French and English
 Minimum of 4 years teaching experience
 Experience teaching adults.

You are highly experienced with :
 Microsoft Teams
 Microsoft Office
 Virtual meetings / excellent virtual communication
 Digital learning resources
 Ability to adapt content and approach to participants’ needs.

Diplôme requis :
Type de contrat :
Contrat de professionnalisation
Volume horaire par semaine :
30 hrs
Durée :
12 months - Full-time Contract (30-37.5 hours per week) or Part-time Contract (10-30 hours per week)
Date de début du contrat :
9 avril 2024
Rémunération :
Date limite de candidature :
25 mars 2024
Démarche à suivre pour présenter sa candidature :

Send resume / CV by email.

Expected Start Date : January, 2024

Courriel de contact :
Visiter le site de l'annonceur

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